Classic Manicure – €30

File & Paint Hands or Toes – €25

Paraffin Wax Spa Manicure – €60

Japanese Manicure – €30

IBX Treatment for damaged nails- €30

Paraffin Wax Spa Pedicure

Suitable for a dry, rough skin and swollen feet. Results in soft, fresh and healthy appearance of the skin – €60


Classic Manicure

Includes herbal soak, cuticle cleaning, buffing and shaping, moisturizing massage and a polish.

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Japanese Manicure

Japanese manicure is a unique eastern procedure which allows the most weakened and damaged nails to be restored completely. After several sessions of the Japanese manicure, nails become firm, elastic, and smooth, and they acquire a healthy pink shade and a natural shine.

Classic Pedicure

Allow yourself to be pampered with this lovely pedicure. Includes cuticle cleaning, buffing and shaping, removal of callus, exfoliation, moisturizing massage and a beautiful polish application.